Author Etgar Keret and journalist and editor Dov Alfon have started a new intiative called storyvid, an attempt to create the literary equivalent of a music video. We bring you storyvid’s first production, a four-minute pilot based on Keret’s story “What Do We Have In Our Pockets?” Goran Dukić of Wristcutters: A Love Story (also based on a Keret story) directs. The short was selected to screen in the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, which runs through the end of this week.


Neither Here Nor There: The Art of Oliver Jefferswonderful new grown-up work by artist Oliver Jeffers, known for his exceptional children’s illustration.

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“Exodus” from UK based artist Clinton De Menezes 

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“When I was a young man I was always hunting for new metaphors. Then I found out that really good metaphors are always the same. I mean you compare time to a road, death to sleeping, life to dreaming, and those are the great metaphors in literature because they correspond to something essential. If you invent metaphors, they are apt to be surprising during the fraction of a second, but they strike no deep emotion whatever. If you think of life as a dream, that is a thought, a thought that is real, or at least that most men are bound to have, no? ‘What oft was thought, but ne’er so well expressed.’ I think that’s better than the idea of shocking people, than finding connections between things that have never been connected before, because there is no real connection, so the whole thing is a kind of juggling.”

Happy birthday, Jorge Luis Borges, who would have been 113 today.

Most people are blinded by themselves.


Short Story: "Advice re Elephants" Jonathan Pinnock ›

Lovely little story about what to do with the elephant in your living room.

Short Story: "The Stone Thrower" ›

Another fantastic story by Adam Marek. This one came to my attention thanks to Dan Powell’s


Dutch filmmaker Frans Hofmeester filmed his son from birth until age nine, then animated him in this utterly delightful timelapse. 

A haunting short film for ‘Black Stone’ by Clark, from his new album ‘Iradelphic’ - leave no stone unturned.